I created this blog primarily as a means of sharing the sermons of my father, Chris Rosling. Since acquiring his first computer in 1990 (at the age of 67), Dad maintained an electronic record of his sermons in which accumulated, up to his death in 2009, nearly 100 sermons with over 160,000 words in total. Given that this represents only 19 of his 50 years as a Unitarian Lay Preacher, I would reckon he wrote the best part of half a million words all told and preached at least twice that number. A million words from a man who only spoke when he had something to say.

The biographical piece on this site is from a note Dad left with his will and final wishes. It illustrates far clearer than any words of mine could, what a humble man he really was. His note is factual, to the point and probably the most economical piece of writing he ever produced. How typical of the man that he should be so sparing in a description of his own achievements.

Chris Rosling, throughout his entire life judged himself to be unexceptional, an “ordinary chap” with modest personal aspirations coupled with a wish to serve his family, his church, his school (he was a Headteacher) and society at large, to the best of his abilities. I am not sure he would approve of my publicising him in this way – he was not a man for the limelight but he was well aware that people liked his writing, some took comfort from it, some inspiration but by and large they all smiled at one point or another.

I encourage you to read his sermons, to enjoy them as he meant you to and to make your own mind up about his modest judgement on himself. For my part I’m sure he will forgive me so long as I make no attempt to lionise him or to make him seem anyone more than just another brick in the wall. I’ll try my best.

Martin Rosling
March 2018


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Martin in Dubrovnik 2013







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