It has occurred to me that it might be helpful if there were some notes to refer to if someone was compiling something for an obituary notice or eulogy. I’ve included everything I can think of, though much will of course be discarded in making a selection.

Born 21 June 1923 in London, moved to Clayton district of Manchester 1925, to Stalybridge in 1928. We were a family of four children, I being the eldest. Dad was minister of Stalybridge Unitarian Church until his sudden death in May 1947. Mother died six years later.

Secondary education Ashton-under-lyme Grammar School 1934-39. Left school and started work at Calico Printers Association (CPA) in Manchester. Conscripted into army 1942. Served in RAMC as a radiographer most of the time in Gibraltar but also in Millbank Army Hospital in London.

Discharged 1947. Came to Sheffield Teacher Training College September 1947-49. Taught in a variety of Sheffield Schools until retirement 1988. Headteacher Carbrook School 1969-71, Lowfield 1971-75, Malin Bridge 1975 until retirement.

I served as General Secretary of the Sheffield Association, later Division, of the NUT from 1966 until 1989. During this period I was a member of the Sheffield Education Committee, leader of the Teacher Panel of the Sheffield Joint Committee of Teacher Unions and held various other posts from time to time.

I was a Director of Teachers Assurance for 20 odd years, serving a spell as Chairman of the Board. I served on various national committees of the NUT.

I was a local preacher for some 50 years taking services in a number of local Unitarian Churches. I was a Trustee for several local churches and a Trustee for Upper Chapel for over thirty years including a number of years as Chairman, Treasurer and occasional Secretary.

I met Marie through Upper Chapel, we married in August 1950, had five children, who then produced ten grandchildren and they in turn, to date, six great-grandchildren.

CJR April 2009

Chris with his eldest Daughter Jane. Sunday 24 May 2009