Chris and I were married for 59 years and enjoyed a happy and contented relationship, providing our five children with a secure upbringing. Chris came from a line of Unitarian Ministers and though teaching was his chosen career, he was also a Lay Preacher.

Chris was quiet and reserved by nature, employing the written word to convey his thoughts – hence his sermons: everyday life within his experience together with more profound thinking.

Chris loved his books and enjoyed book-binding before becoming involved in many other interests. One substantial commitment was as General Secretary of the Sheffield branch of the National Union of Teachers – a post he held for some 19 years. He was also involved in the running of Meadowhead School being Chair of Governors when the new school was built. The new building incorporated an impressive atrium which was named “The Rosling” in his honour. Chris was very well thought of and greatly respected by staff and pupils.

When Chris became ill in the early part of 2009 he retired as Chair of Governors and the very last thing he was able and proud to do was to attend the ceremony of dedication of a plaque commemorating his many years of service to the school. The Head, Cath James, spoke very warmly of him that day and said that he would never be forgotten – an accolade I am very proud of as his wife.

Eight days after the ceremony, Chris died in St Lukes Hospice, Sheffield.

A Gentle Man passed this way

Marie Rosling   May 2011



Mum and Dad street photo 3
Chris and Marie circa 1949