Read it on your birthday

The blog will conclude/end/die/ cease to be in a couple of weeks or so depending on my resolve to finish a thing  I started knowing the finish of it might take me with it.

I just wanted to write.

In despair about death, because I cant change even the tiniest detail and in a breathless moment its all gone. No ‘ how was it for you opportunity, so what would you change?’

It all vanished in a puff of invisible smoke and I will never know what he thought about heroism, invincibilty, the dirty soulless world that seemed to me to contradict most of what he stood for. Yet he spoke on with undiminshed conviction and bedrocked my belief in him, if not his message.

This may be a familiar story to you and if it is then you are as lucky as me. If not then you need to know that it can be but you will have to quicken your step, talk to strangers and listen to your heart.

I  speak with no authority, credibility or guarantee that any of this might work for you but if you  have read every sermon, or a few at least, then you will know.

God bless x

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